Recycle your IRIVER mp3 player

With the days of the once-stylish Walkman long gone, everyone looks towards the latest mp3 player that perhaps does more than just play music. But as IRIVER mp3 players get more and more updated, the old ones end up sitting in the desk drawer for many years to come.

Once you transfer your mp3's off your old player and onto your new one, there isn't much else you can do with it. However, Compare and Recycle will help you get cash in return for your old IRIVER mp3 player and at the same time, allow you to dispose of the player in an environmentally friendly way. Even if the IRIVER mp3 player is broken, you can get cash back for it. We look at several UK based companies to get you the best prices, which in turn can maybe even contribute to getting you a brand new mp3 player.

So find out how much your IRIVER mp3 player is worth, by viewing the list below, or type in the model number in the box above.