Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by our users, don't forget that you can always ask for help using our forum if your question isn't answered below.

What Is Compare and Recycle?

Compare and Recycle is the fastest growing recycling price comparison site in the UK.

Our aim to to compare the top mobile phone recycling and electronic gadget recycling companies in order to get our customers the best price to sell their old mobile phones and electronic gadgets.

You can read more about us and our aims on our About Us page.

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How Do I Get a Price?

There are two ways to find a price. You can use the search box found at the top of the page, simply enter the make and/or model of your phone or electronic device and you should see it appear below the box, click on your model to go straight to the comparison page for that model. If your product doesn't appear then try hitting the enter key or search button, if your product is in our database then it should appear on this page.

The other method of finding a price is to browse through our list of makes and models. To do this simply click browse by make under the search box. Here you can view all the brands featured on the site and find your model.

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Can I Still Get a Price For a Broken Phone?

Yes you can get a price for a non-working or broken phone. Simply find your model as usual and look in the 'non-working' column of the price comparison table to find a guide price for a non-working handset.

The exact price will depend on how damaged the phone is, minor cracks and other cosmetic blemishes may only slightly reduce the value while a completely non-functioning phone may receive a significantly reduced offer.

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What Do I Need To Send When Selling To A Recycler?

The 'Accessories Required' column of the price comparison table will show you what each recycler will require you send. We only include the most common accessories such as batteries and chargers so you should double check the recyclers terms and conditions when selling.

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Do I Have To Pay For Postage and Packaging?

Many of the recyclers featured on the site provide free postage and packaging, but not all recycling companies offer this service.

Our comparison table features two columns, 'Free Postage' and 'Free Packaging' which will tell you whether a recycler will offer free postage and/or free packaging.

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How Will I Be Paid?

Payment methods differ between recycling companies. Most recyclers will at least offer payment by Cheque and Bank Transfer while many also offer vouchers and other additional payment methods.

The 'Payment Method' column in the price comparison table will show you some or all of the payment methods offered by a recycler. The 'Vouchers' column will show you the types of voucher payment the recycler offers.

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I Can't Find My Phone On Your Site?

The most likely reason for not being able to find your phone is that no recyclers currently offer a price for that model, this is most common when a phone is either very old or brand new. In the case of a brand new phone it is likely that recyclers will begin to add a price for that model once it has been on the market for a while.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find your model as some phones are known by more than one name or sold under more than one brand. Recyclers such as Mopay or Mobile Phone Xchange will generally accept almost any model and even if the handset has no value they will dispose of it responsibly.

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I Sent My Mobile And Haven't Received My Money Yet.

Unfortunately once you have left our site we no longer have any involvement in the transaction and so we are unable tell you the current status of your sale.

If you are unable to receive a response from the recycler directly we encourage you to post on our forum. Many recycling companies are members of the forum and will publicly respond to your problem.

Posting a review on the forum also helps to warn other users of past experiences, both good and bad, and helps them to chose which recycling company to use.

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I Have A Question But It Isn't Answered Here?

Feel free to visit our contact page for our details or post your question on our forum. We will update this document over time to include some of the most common questions we receive.

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