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Recycling Digital Cameras

When a digital camera breaks, it's usually best to cut your losses. Repair costs often run nearly as much as the price you paid for the camera, and it doesn't make much sense to waste hundreds of pounds on tweaking an old model that could soon break again. If you're thinking "I want to sell my camera" then we can tell you where to recycle digital cameras for cash.

Furthermore, holding on to, or worse, throwing away a broken digital camera isn't the best decision either, both environmentally and financially. At Compare and Recycle, we work with ethically sound companies that offer fair prices for working and nonworking digital cameras, and that will then in turn, recycle or refurbish your product. Whilst some models aren't worth much more than 10, others, like the Samsung GX20 with an 18-55mm lens, are valued at up to 180.

Our goal at Compare and Recycle is to offer good business relations and communications between our customers and merchants by displaying feedback and ratings, and being upfront with price and quality stipulations. However, we find it just as important to be eco-conscious in our practices, since the poisons and contaminants found in electronic products such as digital cameras can be quite harmful to the environment. Therefore, many of our recyclers will offer even just a few pounds for less desirable models to stress the importance of responsibly disposing of your camera.

Interested in earning cash for your recycled camera? Search via brand or model number above.