User Complaints Procedure

Compare and Recycle is a free-to-use comparison website that compares service suppliers in the mobile phone and gadget recycling market in the UK.

In providing this service free to consumers, Compare and Recycle has adopted a price comparison table, a features guide with service summary, a user feedback forum and a star rating assessment based upon a combination of performance indicators.

Whilst our users are under no obligation to use our service as detailed in our terms and conditions, we do try to assist wherever possible to ensure that the service providers that we compare do comply with our specific requirements.

Integral to our service is the members' forum that allows a user to join and post comments relating to the service received from our recyclers. Standard reviews can be posted here under the specific recycler review heading.

In the event that a user requires a level of complaint resolution, it is important that they follow the appropriate steps:

  1. The user should in the first instant refer the complaint directly to the appropriate recycler via that company's formal complaint or feedback system.

  2. In the event that the user is not satisfied with the response achieved, a complaint/review may be posted at Compare and Recycle's forum that follows broadly our advice on posting reviews as detailed under forum rules and thereafter the user must follow the Rules of the Forum and must acknowledge contact if forthcoming.

  3. Recyclers who are displayed on our site have access to the forum and in some cases hold verified merchant membership. In this case, they may respond to your complaint either publicly on the forum or by private messaging on the forum. In any event, it is our policy to draw all complaints to the attention of a recycler so that they can decide what action to take.

  4. Whilst it remains optional whether a standard recycler answers a formal complaint in this way, it is a mandatory requirement of our site that a 5 star recommended recycler responds to try and resolve a specifically addressed complaint.

  5. In the event that a complaint cannot be resolved between parties, Compare and Recycle may offer mediation if both parties agree.

  6. None of the above shall affect a users rights or entitlements in law.

Further information on your consumer rights can be found at: Office Of Fair Trading