Cell phone recycling is a relatively new concept to the USA. First introduced in around 2005, cell phone recycling didn’t really begin to take off until 2010. Cell phone recycling allows customers to sell a cell phone directly to a merchant at a quoted price. It’s a far quicker method of selling opposed to the more traditional approach of selling via ads or online auction sites like eBay. Rather than listing a cell phone as for sale, the idea is customer simply sells their cell at the featured price to a company that deals with recycling cell phones. There’s no fuss and no strings attached.

Compare and Recycle is a cell phone recycling comparison that compares all the top companies in one place. The concept of comparing the different companies began in Europe and is beginning to catch on in the USA. By having one simple and easy to use comparison rather than having to visit dozens of different cell phone recyclers you can get the best price more easily and more quickly. In the UK Compare and Recycle is a well established comparison for phone recycling and have helped customers sell millions of pounds worth of phones and now we’re looking to help US customers sell millions of dollars worth of cell phones too.

By viewing prices from multiple cell phone buyback companies in the same place customers can save time and get more cash so the only sensible option is to use a comparison site like Compare and Recycle. Don’t make the mistake of selling to the first cell phone recycler you come across before comparing them against competitors or you may find you’ve missed out on extra cash! With awareness about selling your cell to a recycler and the process becoming easier more and more people are going to choose to go with a cell phone recycler rather than traditional methods of getting rid of your old cell.