Who are ReCellular.com?

Since 1991 ReCellular have grown to become one of the world’s leading cell phone recycling companies. With a commitment to environmental protection ReCellular ensure that all cell phones that cannot be reused are recycled.

Tens of millions of phones have been recycled using ReCellular and millions of dollars have been donated to charities thanks to ReCellular.

How do I use ReCellular to sell my cell phone?

Using ReCellular is quick and easy. Find your phone on the ReCellular site, get an offer immediately and then ship your phone for free. All that is left is to wait for your payment! Compared to selling your phone through a site such as eBay using a ReCellular is incredibly stress-free and easy to do.

Why should I use a company like ReCellular to sell my old cell phone?

Using a cell phone recycling site such as ReCellular is a great way to sell an old cell phone. When compared to selling your old cell through eBay or finding a private buyer the entire process is much quicker, simpler and safer.

Using a cell phone recycler is also great for the environment, they make sure any phones which cannot be reused are recycled responsibly and make efforts to make the whole process as green as possible.

Which cell phone recycler to use?

Choosing a cell phone recycling company to use can be daunting, there are a number of well known recyclers and finding them all, let alone getting a price from each can be a time consuming process.

Compare cell phone recyclers using Compare and Recycle and get all the top prices for your old cell in just a few seconds, you’ll get all the other important information too such as who pays for shipping, how long each company takes to pay you and which payment methods they offer.

Keep an eye on Compare and Recycle for customer reviews of cell phone recyclers such as Cell It Used to see who gives the best service and who you can trust the most.