Compare and Recycle is a cell phone recycling comparison site. This means we don’t actually buy cell phones ourselves but in fact we compare the prices offered from the top cell phone recyclers in the USA. Cell phone recyclers will give you cash for your old cell phones, most will even pay you for broken cell phones, albeit at a reduced price.

While there are many options for selling your old cell phone such as eBay or Craigslist often the quickest and easiest way is by selling to a cell phone recycler. You’re told the price upfront, most cell phone buyback companies pay for shipping and packaging, and you’re often paid within a few days of them receiving your phone. It’s not just cell phones either, many recyclers provide prices for tablets and other devices too.

Here at Compare and Recycle we’re provided prices by cell phone recyclers which we place in an easy to compare table and even group prices by carrier to make it even simpler. To get a price all you need to do is tell us what phone, tablet or other device you have, the easiest way is by using the search box found on most pages of the site including the home page but you can also find a price by browsing the list of brands to find your cell phone.

Once you’ve found your cell phone, tablet or other device we’ll show you all the prices available for that model, choose the price your happy with and click ‘Sell Now’ you’ll then by taken to that cell phone recyclers site where you just need to provide your details.

Most recyclers will offer to send a shipping box or bag to send your device in or alternatively offer just a shipping label if you already have a box laying around. Simply Pop your phone in the post and wait for it to be received by the recycler, once they have it they’ll check it meets their criteria and most cell phone buyers will pay you within a few days.

The process can be broken down into three easy steps:

  1. Search find your device on Compare and Recycle
  2. Compare see the best prices available
  3. Get Cash send your device and wait for your payment!